Imagine a school designed with your student in mind.

Foundations Academy offers an individualized, student-centered education in a welcoming Christian environment for preschool, daycare and kindergarten through fifth grade in Port Saint Lucie. Foundations Academy works in partnership with families to provide a path to success for each individual student.

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Together we help every student achieve their potential

Imagine a school where teachers and parents work as a team to help every student achieve their potential. 

Our focuses:

  • Maintaining an environment where every student feels safe and supported
  • Promoting student growth in every area – academically, spiritually, socially and physically.
  • Partnership with families
  • Supporting our teachers and staff

Partnering with parents for student success

Foundations Academy partners with families to develop young minds with excellent character, critical thinking skills, a passion for learning, and a love for God. We want to create a space where children can achieve their potential.

Our core values

These core values are the pillars of our foundation.


Academic Growth

Consistent academic growth is the essential standard at Foundations Academy to gauge student success. Our curriculum is grounded in the basics while being highly engaging and focused on the individual learner.


Whole Person Philosophy

Children are dynamic and have been created by God to explore the world around them. We are committed to fostering education that addresses the Whole Person in every child: Academically, Spiritually, Socially and Physically.


Classroom Support

Positive classroom environment is an essential part of learning. Student learning is our focus, and as such, our teachers and staff are trained to manage classrooms well. We work with families and students to set a standard of excellence in behavior in the classroom along with support tools for students and teachers.


Supporting Our Teachers

We love our teachers! With our support, teachers can stay focused on teaching. They are given the creative freedom to practice the art of teaching. Teachers are able to have positive connections with students and success in teaching at Foundations Academy.


Partnership with Parents

No one knows your child as well as you do. Together we create an Individual Success Plan that works for your child. Community is part of who we are, as such, we believe family involvement in the education process is vital for the success of all students. We also believe in open communication between parents, teachers, and staff.


Safe Environment

Student safety is our highest priority. We maintain safety measures within our hiring process and our daily operation process. Students should be safe physically, mentally, and socially. We do not tolerate bullying in any form. Our trained staff will always make sure that student safety and health is our top priority.

Our teachers are fully qualified for the positions they hold.

Donna Listort

VPK Teacher

Donna has over 35 years of experience teaching preschoolers. She employs a very hands-on, positive style in her classroom. She loves Jesus and spreads that love to every child in her care!

Brianna Gaspar

4-year-old Teacher

Brianna has seven years of experience working with children as a Sunday school teacher and Children's Ministry Director and has been working professionally in preschools for the past 3 years.

Marysabel Garcia

2 & 3-year-old Teacher

Marysabel has 21 years of experience working with children in both preschool and children's ministry.

Angelica Madina

1-year-old Teacher

Angelica has several years of experience working with children in children's ministry and now in the preschool setting.

Our future

We may be a new school but we have big plans. Check back regularly to keep an eye on our progress.

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SEP 2021

Announce Foundations Academy

Foundations Academy launches with the mission to partner with parents to provide a school where every child can achieve their potential.

FEB 2022

Complete Foundations Enrollment Application

Classes are filling up quickly! Head to our "Apply" tab to make sure your child is not placed on our waitlist.

MAR 2022

Apply for Step Up For Students Scholarships

Individualized education for your child is not a dream thanks to Step Up for Students scholarships. The scholarship offers families a choice of financial assistance toward private school fees & tuition. Click to learn more about the program.

AUG 2022

First school year begins!

The doors will open with shiny new classrooms and welcoming teachers and staff. We can't wait to meet you and your child.