Academics & Student Life

We recognize that picking the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make as a parent. This is why we focus on academic excellence, building strong character in students, faith-based instruction, foundational basics and individual learning.

Preschool & Daycare

At Foundations Academy, we partner with you and your child to build a foundational relationship with Christ at the center. We understand that early childhood is the most important time of development in your child’s life. Our teachers offer a welcoming environment and support every student that walks through our classroom door. Preschool is a time for kids to fall in love with learning, and we foster every opportunity  to engage them mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

Foundations Academy offers an engaging preschool & daycare program for students ages 1-5 years. We provide a Christ-centered early educational experience with advanced academic building blocks to engage and instill a love of learning from the very start.

Academically Equipped

In our preschool & daycare program, students have a balance of academic learning and learning through play that engages a child’s brain and natural curiosity. At Foundations Academy Preschool, children are encouraged to discover, explore, develop and grow in their God-given gifts through class and participating in activities such as chapel, music and art. 

Our whole-child approach to learning develops children who are academically, spiritually, and emotionally ready to make the leap into elementary school. 


Committed to Academic Excellence

Foundations Academy is committed to offering a Christ-centered education and the pursuit of academic excellence for all students. Through individual instruction and project based learning, students experience an engaging classroom environment while receiving high-level instruction.


Foundations Academy utilizes curriculum and resources that engage students in multifaceted learning experiences while ensuring they have a deep understanding of State and National standards. Students receive mastery instruction in the following subjects:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Bible
  • Character Development 
  • Handwriting
  • Specials (Art, foreign language, physical education, music, STEM, and cultural enrichment) 

For a complete list of all the Florida Standards by grade level and subject click here: Link to Florida Standards

Personalized Learning is Our Specialty 

We believe  in keeping the learning environment personal and applicable. Our small classes enable each student to receive personalized instruction. 

We offer families support with classroom guidance, individual success plans for each student, and faculty and staff who work with parents to help every child succeed. 

Diverse Education Experiences

At Foundations Academy we are committed to providing educational experiences that leave lasting impressions on students’ minds and hearts, instilling durable knowledge. Our goal is to equip students with skills and tools to engage in twenty-first-century culture and workforce.  

Student Life

Whole Person Philosophy 

At the heart of the Foundations Academy experience is our commitment to helping students develop as “Whole Persons.” Children have been created in the image of God and are spiritual, intellectual, social and physical beings.

Jesus, whose humanity is the model of our own, “grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and people.” (Luke 2:52). That is why we are committed to a “Whole Person” philosophy that fosters the growth of the child in every area of life. 

Our whole-person approach to teaching supports and nurtures all areas of a child’s development and learning from social-emotional and cognitive skills to literacy, mathematics, and science. We encourage children’s learning and thinking skills by being responsive to children’s understandings, interests, and abilities, allowing them to deepen their natural curiosity and discovery of the world around them. 

Academic Development 

Vigorous academics are the heart of what we do at Foundations Academy. We are “unquestionably” academic. That commitment is lived out in the classroom every day. Cultivating a child’s mind is more than teaching course content; it is fostered in enrichment activities during the school day and in after-school activities.

Students have opportunities everyday to explore their interests and discover their unique gifts. 

Spiritual Development

Because humans are created by God and in the image of God, we are fundamentally spiritual beings. No education is complete without a vibrant spiritual life that inspires students to love God with all their hearts, minds, soul and strength. An emphasis on spiritual life is embedded in everything we do at Foundations Academy. Beginning in Pre-K, children have Bible classes where they learn to love God and His Word. They learn the story of Jesus and memorize scripture. They attend weekly chapel services where the truths of the Bible are communicated in age-appropriate ways. They also have the service opportunities where they learn that serving God also involves loving and serving others.

At Foundations Academy we do not preach to students or indoctrinate them in the beliefs of a particular church; but we share the timeless truths that Christians throughout the centuries have believed, confessed and taught.

Social Development

At Foundations Academy we endeavor to help students develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to get along with others and to find their place in a family, church, community and society. This includes recognizing and respecting God’s image in others, treating everyone with dignity, and learning responsibility, loyalty, kindness, faithfulness, and fair play, to name a few.

Physical Development

At Foundations Academy we are committed to students developing healthy lifestyles that include diet and exercise. Every student participates in physical exercise every day in both structured and unstructured ways. They learn the value of a healthy body as a foundation for a healthy life. 


Community Partnership 

At Foundations Academy we are committed to helping students learn how to live lives of caring, compassion and service. Beginning in kindergarten, students participate in projects that instill these values through hands-on experience. 

Foundations Academy students participate in monthly Community Partnership Activities. This provides an opportunity for students to develop the biblical principle found in Acts 20:35; “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Cultural Enrichment 

Foundations Academy believes in offering a diverse cultural experience for every student. Through developmentally appropriate activities, special guests, and field trips, our students learn to appreciate the diversity God created and the uniqueness of cultures and people groups from around the world.

Elementary Specials 

In order to nurture students’ passions and interests, every elementary student receives an opportunity to explore various interests through special enrichment. These special classes rotate throughout the year and include Art, Music, Physical Education, STEM, Foreign Language. These classes are designed to excite students and provide exposure to various topics while motivating students to discover talents and learn new things. 


Our belief is based on the theory that children should be exposed to fine paintings and inspiring examples of art. Equally important is the opportunity for students to create their own art. Students experience a cultural and diverse range of art theory, mediums, terminology, and techniques while viewing a wide range of artists and masterworks. 


Students are introduced to musicians and works from around the world and throughout history. They will learn to communicate their ideas, feelings and judgements about pieces they  hear. They will learn a foundational level of music theory and terminology. 

Physical Education

Our PE program is based on movement and teamwork. Students will learn concepts and skills in varied team and individual activities through sports play integration. The focus is on student movement and development of fine and gross motor skills as well as respectful sportsmanship. 



Preparing students with an understanding of science and technology is at the forefront at Foundations Academy.  STEAM stands for “science, technology, engineering, arts and math”.

We recognize that many future employment opportunities are in the growing STEAM fields. As such, STEAM offers a truly well-rounded educational background which is essential for future success in life. Whether your students pursue college or enter the workforce right away upon graduation, they will need the baseline skills to adapt to whatever their academic or professional careers require of them. 

The STEAM framework brings the four disciplines together to create an inclusive learning environment that encourages all students to participate and contribute. This holistic approach encourages students to exercise both the left and right sides of their brains simultaneously.

Foreign Language

At Foundations Academy, we believe in introducing students to world languages and culture at a young age. This helps students develop language skills as well as further exposes students to cultural diversity. We use age appropriate lessons to introduce concepts of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and understand another language. While we don’t expect our students to become fluent speakers, we do challenge them to utilize foreign languages in their academic experience. 


Exciting students with literature, sayings and phrases, and novels is just the start of Library and Media classes!  The Library curriculum is closely integrated with the Traditional classroom.  Students learn about research and information skills. 

Parent-Teacher Partnership

Family Support Partnership 

At Foundations Academy parents and teachers work together as a team to enhance the student experience.

Family Support Partnerships are a shared responsibility and reciprocal process whereby Foundations Academy engages families in meaningful and culturally appropriate ways, and families take initiative to actively support their children’s development and learning. 

We make every effort to listen to parents, support them, and ensure that they have the tools to be active partners in their children’s school experience.

Partnerships are essential for helping students achieve at their maximum potential. We recognize that parent involvement is a cornerstone in our school. At Foundations Academy we support the importance of these collaborative efforts.

Interested in applying?

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